Soccer Demo

This is a quick experiment in using Naked Objects.

We have written a soccer program. You can download it and run it at your own risk. It is an executable JAR.


Run it with java -jar soccerdemo.jar. You might also be able to pipe the log to an editor. e.g. java -jar soccerdemo.jar | vi -. Events like substitution, goals, and cards will be printed to stdout. You can then capture them in an editor for later analysis. Upon start up you will see a window with three icons for teams, games, and set plays. Right click on the Teams icon to get a pop up menu. Select "Teams..." from that menu to get a list of teams. Do the same for the Set Plays. This will open another box with the types of set plays in it. The mini windows in the application have a right border that allows maximizing and minimizing. Near the top there is also an X for closing the mini window.

Drag one team onto another to set up a game. The team being dragged becomes the visitor. You can drag players from a team onto either home or visitor of the game. They will get added to the bench. Dragging them directly onto the bench will not work. Once in the game (on the field or on the bench) players become competitors. Competitors can be dragged from the field to the bench or vice versa. They can be dragged onto the goal when they score. They can be dragged to the red card if the ref gives them a red card. When there is a set play, drag a competitor onto the type of set play.

To Do

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