Molecular Biology Tools

ambigs.awk Add ambiguity codes to codons.
blather2.awk Fill out a genetic code with nucleotide abiguity codes.
fasta2seq.awk Extract the sequences in a fasta file.
firstcmnt.awk Extracts the first comment in program source.
firstsentence.awk Extracts the first sentence in a text.
makegcs.awk Extract genetic codes from a web page like the ones found on NCBI.
revcomp.awk Return the reverse complement of a sequence of bases.
seq2fasta.awk Convert raw sequences to fasta format.
translate.awk Translate from RNA to sequences of amino acids and stop codons.
transposetxt.awk Transpose text as if it were a matrix of characters.
allcodons.c Print a list of all possible codons using IUPAC standard nucleotide codes.
complement.c Convert base codes into their complements.
eprintf.c Print error messages.
fastac.c Converts a fasta file into a compressed code for DNA.
markov.c Markov Chain Random Sequence Generator
wrap.c Wrap a stream of characters into even lines.
wrapFasta.c Wrap a fasta format file at 60 characters. Complement of nucleotide sequences including ambiguity codes. Reverse complement of nucleotide sequences including ambiguity codes. Reverse complement all the sequences in a fasta file. Print the longest open reading frame in each line. Print open reading frames. Converts peptide sequences in fasta format to single strings.
Codes.html Codes
GeneticCodes.html Genetic Codes
SequenceMarkup.html Biological Sequence Markup - Blossom Associates West DNA -> RNA -> Protein Find ORFs in DNA. Find ORFs in DNA.
IGBIntegrated Genome Browser
siRNASmall Interfering RNA