Library Procedures


  1. Determine the Library of Congress call number from another library (e.g., Swarthmore's) using the internet. Use original cataloging when appropriate numbers for our library's use are unavailable.
  2. Enter data (author, title, subjects, responsibility, publisher, added entries, notes, etc.) into the data base or into the script devised to translate to the data base.
  3. Use the Meeting's address stamp and Library stamp on title page, inside front and inside back cover. Paste book pockets in the back.
  4. Remove any dust jackets. Place the spine labels on the spine if possible, at a uniform distance (about 1/4 inch) from the bottom. Put the spine label on the lower left of the front of the book only if the printed number is wider than the spine. The white margins of the label can be wrapped around to the front and back. Place clear label protectors over spine labels. Paste the labels on the borrower's card, and inside pocket.
  5. Shelve books.

Further details can be found in the (somewhat dated) instructions.

Library Checkout

  1. No one is to check out a book without seeing a library representative.
  2. Members and attenders listed in our directory may borrow books by filling in name and phone number on the borrower's card.

    Anyone not listed in the directory must see a library representative. They must include address on borrower's card.

  3. Date due slip in book and borrower's card are stamped:

    For Books, 2 months
    For pamphlets, 1 month

  4. Borrower's cards are filed in wooden box on desk.

Periodical Processing

  1. All materials should be date stamped except for newsletters from other Monthly Meetings.
  2. Monthly Meeting Newsletters are punched with the three hole puch and put into the green (some blue) binders kept at the bottom of the periodical shelves. The latest date is put on top. When the binder is full, discard all but the last six months.
  3. After date stamping, non-Quaker publications are put in the current periodicals rack in alphabetical order. Issues received over six months ago are discarded.

    After being stamped with date and the Meeting stamp, Quaker publications are shelved in alphavetical order on the top half of the periodical shelves.