German Language Resources in San Francisco

German language resources abound in San Francisco — you just have to know where to look! You can find these listings (and much more related to German language learning and culture) on the CCSF Langage Center Homepage. Click on "Foreign Language Program/German".

The Goethe Institute (at Bush and Grant Ave.) The Goethe Institute is a world-wide promoter of the German language, offering numerous resources for students of German. Check its web site for current events (exhibits, films, etc.) Don't miss the Berlin and Beyond Film Festival, held each January at the Castro Theater. For language learners, see, especially, the online exercises.

German Dining in San Francisco and the East Bay

Try the Suppenküche at Lguna and Hayes for fine German fare in surroundings inspired by a Bavarian monastery.

For some "East German" specialities, try the Walzwerk, south of Market. And don't forget to order some "cold dog" (kalter Hund) for dessert! If you're in the East Bay, the Speisekammer in Alameda, owned by the folks at Suppenküche, serves up lots of Gemütlichkeit.


KQED television (Channel 9) offers Journal, a news program with a German/European perspective. Monday-Friday at 1:00 pm.

Radio Goethe is a San Francisco based weekly broadcast of contemporary German music.

Deutsche-Welle direct from Germany to SF. Check out the various language-learning podcasts: "Slowly Spoken News Updates" are spoken slowly for the language learner. "Alltagsdeutsch" are fun reports about life in Germany with manuscripts. In "Sprachbar" headlines, figures of speech, grammar, are explained in detail.

Conversation Groups and Clubs

San Francisco German Language Party meets the second Friday of every month.

Gay German Club of San Francisco is a group of congenial men interested in speaking German and learning about German culture, meeting regularly in San Francisco.

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