Eric Blossom

2737 Russell Street
Berkeley, CA 94705
510 859-4095

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Accomplished software engineer with demonstrated expertise in the design, development implementation, and enhancement of Internet based information systems. These systems and tools were done in support of biotech, scientific researchers, financial, transportation, communications, and pharmaceutical industries.



Languages: Java, Javascript, Python, Groovy, Perl, C, C# .NET, HTML, XML, CSS Visual Basic
Web Frameworks: jQuery, AJAX, JSP, Struts, Stripes, Turbo Gears
Networking: TCP/IP, Sockets (BSD, WinSock, VM)
UNIX: Various shells, Perl, AWK, Lex, Yacc, Make, SCCS, RCS, CVS, etc.
Database: SQL (various including MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase)
Operating Systems: UNIX (Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, BSD, AIX), MS Windows, VOS


M.A. Mathematics University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Mathematics Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana



Consulting Software Engineer South San Francisco, CA 02/12 - 05/12

Added GUI features to the Integrated Genome Browser (Wikipedia Page) and the Genoviz Software Development Kit (Java, Swing).


Consulting Software Engineer San Francisco, CA 10/11 - 11/11

Helped get the next release of their web application out the door to four of their clients. (Javascript, jQuery, C#).


Senior Software Engineer Menlo Park, CA 9/10 - 4/11

Put together a rich client (Java, Swing) for configuring customer sites. Also produced a web version (Javascript, jQuery, HTML5).


Senior Applications Developer II South San Francisco, CA 2/07 - 1/09

In house web applications for scientists using Javascript, Groovy, Java, SOAP, Stripes, and Python. Ported some legacy applications to newer servers so that older ones could be retired. Enhanced user interfaces for other web applications. Designed and implemented a domain specific language using Groovy.


Staff Software Engineer, Emeryville, CA 10/00 to 2/07

Affymetrix manufactures tools for Genome researchers and for clinical uses. Eric is involved in rich client user interface software, as well as web applications and bioinformatics pipelines.

Neomorphic Software, Inc.

Senior Software Designer, Berkeley, CA 2/98 to 10/00

Neomorphic was a starup providing bioinformatic software to academia, and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Eric guided user interface and software design. Because it was a start-up he also helped with sales and with setting strategy. Initially a consultant, Eric was asked to join the company in 1998. In October of 2000 Neomorphic was acquired by Affymetrix.

Blossom Associates West

Consulting Software Engineer, Berkeley, CA 2/96 to 2/98


Electric Power Research Institute

Project Lead - Software Engineering Palo Alto, CA 7/91 to 1/96

Lead the conversion of a mainframe bulletin board system to a set of Internet services using NNTP, FTP, WAIS, HTTP, SMTP, and Kerberos among other things. Ported several servers to AIX and wrote several Windows clients (including the NetNews reader). (UNIX: C, Perl, AWK, sh, TK/TCL; Windows 3.1: C, Visual Basic; TCP/IP: sockets, Windows Sockets.) Conduct internal and industry wide seminars and informal talks on Internet concepts and Visual Basic programming. Attend EPRINET user conferences speaking on topics if interest to users. Built early prototypes of the entire system to help sell senior management on the concept of an Internet based EPRINET. Coordinated the release of eight versions of the EPRINET product to market.

Teknekron Communication Systems

Senior Systems Engineer Berkeley, CA 4/90 to 4/91

Built the queuing and security functions for a network control system for US Sprint (Tandem Guardian using C & SQL). Also worked with UNIX, TCP/IP, OSI, ASN.1

Teknekron Transportation Systems

Member Technical Staff Berkeley 3/89 to 3/90

Built some demonstration software and reworked the image printing for TTS's image server product (Tandem Guardian using COBOL and SQL.) Built a scaled down image server on a PC for testing software for Teknekron Communications Systems. (MS/DOS using Microsoft C, Oracle SQL, & Eicon SNA LU 6.2).