Bob the Adventure Mouse

The Fluffy

Bob the adventure mouse was looking for a present for his wife, Petunia, and he was also looking for a suspect.

Now I tell you about a girl named Mary Anne who had a cat named fluffy. Fluffy was a mouse murderer whom bob had been looking for for an entire year. And he finnaly had something on fluffy. Bob had gotten word from one of his snitches that fluffy dug thru the dumpsters behind King yen. Bob went to the coordinates and acted like a weak, frail, old mouse and waited for fluffy. Bob didn't have to wait for long because along came fluffy and when she saw Bob she liked her lips and started toward Bob. But Bob had a surprise in store for fluffy and when she got close enough, Bob took her out with one swing. fluffy was too dangerous to stay alive. Mary Anne's cat will never do that again.

coming soon: return of the FLUFFY

Return of the Fluffy

The manor sat quietly on the moonlit night and everything was peaceful ...or was it? Bob the adventure mouse had caught up with fluffy and was having a ginormus fight with her. Bob had been promoted to super mouse in his firm and he was the majority of his office. Fluffy had swallowed Bob and was so happy that she got on to the roof of the ten story building to bellow her victory, and looked down, not a good thing to do as it turned out. Fluffy vomited Bob out and he tumbled out into open space! As Bob fell, he thought of how nice it would be to be up in heaven with his friends and families that have been terminated in the other stories. Suddenly, bob came back to life and threw his extra strong "mousie rope" up to the roof and caught himself at the last second. then fluffy came down from the roof, stone dead...

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The Mouse on the Roof

Bob had just seen fluffy fall down the roof, killed by some unknown force, so he climbed up to see what had killed the cat. Bob had no idea what was in store for him, but nevertheless, he was ready. What Bob found on the roof was nothing he expected to find, he found his wife, Petunia with a smoking gun with a silencer. "Bob!"exclaimed Petunia "Petunia what are you doing here? you never should have come" "but you were in trouble I couldn't just leave you with that horrid cat" "where did you find my gun?" asked Bob with a level voice "I found it in your study with these" she held up a set of masks and pulled one off herself! It was his arch nemesis, Destructo! "What did you do to my wife" Bob suddenly ran at the other mouse and floored him with a haymaker punch with full charged hate. Bob knew that Destructo had no mercy for him so his wife was dead. "NNNNOOOOOOOOO" screamed Bob. he had nothing to loose, so he set off to fight crime, human and mouse, for he HAD to get revenge on all criminals for all he had been put through, he had had ENOUGH!

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The Revenger

Bob was running after a villain who was called "the poullouter"(that was purposely misspelled) and he was relentless. Bob was shocked at how much pollution the poullouter had unleashed and he was pissed! Bob was gaining on the baddy and he tackled him. The two mice fought, tooth and claw, and only one arose, Bob the Adventure Mouse! Now all Bob had to do was to get to all the pollution that the poullouter had prepared to poison the earth. He was just in time, the pollution was going to blow! and Bob worked the control panel. The noise stopped and Bob was the hero he always was after he took down an enemy to the people or to the earth.

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Destructo Returns

One Beautiful day, Bob was walking toward the minute house that he lived in. Bob had recently brought down the notorious Poullouter. The Poullouter was a maniac who wanted to pollute the city. Now Bob had received a mysterious tip that Destructo was on the loose again and he was getting ready to take over the mousy world. Bob was traveling to the place that was explained to him over the phone. He was cautious, Destructo could have laid a trap for him and he was walking into the front of the stone house. Bob decided that he should go around the side to avoid the death trap. Bob tiptoed into the side door and he saw Destructo waiting for him to come in through the front door. Slowly, Bob drew his one mil and snuck up on the unsuspecting villain. He stood directly behind Destructo and pulled the trigger. The dead mouse fell onto the floor. "Well done, hero" exclaimed the real Destructo as he stepped out into sight. "You did well but you wont get out of here alive! Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

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Bob in Trouble

Bob was thinking hard while Destructo bragged about his power. Bob had to think of something to escape the clutches of Destructo. The cunning mind of Bob The Adventure Mouse was working overtime on an escape plan. Bob finally thought of something. The hole in the floor had some sort of electric car going into it. He dashed to the car and started it up and finally he was off. But not free. Destructo was following in his own car and was gaining! Bob needed to have another escape so he saw a light in a side tunnel and went for it. It turned out to be a cliff and Bob went off. As Bob looked back, he saw Destructo, in a rage, robbed of his prey. Bob took off his hat and screwed off a throwing knife. He flung it with an almighty strength, and Destructo fell, with a knife in place of his eye.

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Bob Falls but Triumphs

In the last issue, Bob killed Destructo but fell off a cliff. Lets see what happens.

Bob Was in the air falling when he noticed that there was a parachute feature on the little electric car he had driven off the cliff. Bob popped open the chute and slowed his decent to a minimum. He looked down and saw a metropolitan full of un suspecting and innocent citizens. "UH OH" said Bob as he landed on a car.

Cricket Blossom - May 2007

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