Basketball Game Manager

This program allows a coach (or an assistant) to keep track of basketball players' activity during a game. It has a row for each player (and one - the first one - for the entire opposing team) with buttons to record points, rebounds, etc. The coach can sort the players by time played or by roster order. The "1 pt" is clicked when a player makes a free throw. When this button is clicked the program automatically also counts a free throw attempt (FTA). One only clicks the FTA button when a free throw is missed. The "2 pt" and "3 pt" buttons work similarly.

picture of the program running

Note each row starts of with a pair of radio buttons. The left button is called the "in" button and the right button is called the "out" button. For the game clock in and out could well be called on and off respectively. Note that the first row after the clock is for the entire opposing team. The following row is for players on your team. Those players should be listed in a plain text file called roster.txt. So if any opposition player scores, fouls, etc. click a button in the first row. If one of your players does something click a button in his or her row. You will notice that a player's row (or the opposing team's row) is highlighted as the mouse moves over that row.

Below is the same game at the same point in the second quarter, but the roster is ordered by time played. I use this to make sure I'm not ignoring anyone. It can also be used to see who might be getting tired. Notice that hitting the "Sort" button puts the players in this order. Hitting the "Sort" button again returns the list to the original order.

the program sorted by time


  1. Download either or dist.tgz.
  2. Extract the downloaded file creating a new folder named "dist".
  3. If you like, rename this "dist" folder to something you like better.
  4. Using a text editor create a roster of your team with a player on each line.
  5. Put it in the same "dist" folder and name it "roster.txt".


  1. Open a terminal (or command line) program.
  2. Change to the "dist" folder you created at installation.
  3. cat roster.txt | java -jar BasketballGameMgr.jar OurTeam TheirTeam >v.TheirTeam.txt
    (With Windows you may need to use "type" instead of "cat".) Note that you would replace OurTeam with your team's name or school's name. Similarly TheirTeam should really be the opposition's name.
  4. Select 10 or 12 minutes per quarter using the list just to the right of"Game Clock".
  5. Click the game clock's "out" button.
  6. Click the opposing team's "in" button.
  7. As each player arrives click his or her "out" button.
  8. Click the "in" button for your five starters.
  9. Click the clock's "in" button when the ref starts the game.
  10. Click players' stat buttons as action progresses.
  11. Click players' "out" and "in" buttons to make substitutions.
  12. Click the clock's "in" and "out" buttons to track game time.
  13. At the end of each quarter click its ">" button in the clock panel.
  14. At the end of the game click the "X" button in the clock panel.

When you're done you will have a file named "v.TheirTeam.txt" containing a log of the game's action as well as a summary at the end.

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